Zapata Technology – ZIngest Introduction

ZIngest is based on Apache NiFi and Pivotal Spring to provide robust data ingestion for and replication between DCGS-A Fusion Brain (DFB) and other data repositories, especially big data. It is an alternative tool to FeedPipes and JPipeline with better management, improved scalability and reliability, and allows the DFB to be modernized with new technologies in data mining, analytics and storage while remaining backward compatible.

Developed by Zapata Technology, ZIngest greatly simplifies data ingestion and replication and thus reduces a considerable amount of time in configuring, changing and maintaining data sources. It ingests structured and unstructured data into the DFB and supports GUI-based ingestion flow design, configuration, and management. ZIngest brings data engineers, intel analysts, mission managers together in obtaining, analyzing and disseminating intelligence in a much efficient and timely manner.