Zapata Technology – ZMonitor Introduction

ZMonitor is a web application specifically designed for DCGS-A Fusion Brain to perform near real-time monitoring of the status of ingestion, replication, system resources/services, and visualizing the progression of that status over time. Since version 3.x, FeedPipes, JPipeline, data trend, export queues, directories and system resources/services are supported. Support for system resources/services takes advantage of Linux/Windows shell commands and scripts to allow for robust custom monitoring. As of version 3.4.x, ZMonitor comes bundled with Jetty and no longer supports the aging JBoss 4.x according to DCGS-A PM’s requirement due to its security vulnerabilities. As a result, support for FeedPipes is no longer applicable as it is replaced with ZIngest. Support for ZIngest monitoring is provided but requires further review and testing for proper functionality. Support for DIB is being explored.

In ZMonitor, various system functions, data, resources are accounted for and organized as monitored items and their monitoring types. A monitored item is either a feed schema, an export queue, a directory, a trust certificate or a software service. It is periodically checked against the expected conditions configured for its monitoring type and reported in either one of the four color coded statuses: green (OK), yellow (Warning), red (Critical), and gray (Static/None).