Meet Our Team

It is not just our technical staff who have had their support to our customers acknowledged, but also our management team:

“They relayed immediately any issues that were rising allowing the Prime management team to quickly respond to situations before they became Issues. In doing so, the team worked in a more harmonious environment and achieved tasks timelier that directly reflected in superior deliveries to the government. Zapata understands their employees can work almost anywhere but they choose to work at Zapata and Zapata’s management team gives them a reason. This loyalty reduces re-training or catch-up cost to the government and provides continuity that enables the government to continue advancement in knowledge and technology by leveraging that experience and knowledgebase.”

Randall Zapata
Randall Zapata
Chief Visionary Officer
Founded the company in 2007
Army veteran with more than 20 years supporting the federal government.
Passionate about the important work we do in supporting our Nation’s defense sector.
Christina Hall
Chief Human Resources Officer
Joined Zapata Technology in Spring 2013
Born and raised in Augusta, GA
Original member of Zapata’s Investment Committee and graduate of Zapata U
Jane Calfee
Quality and Program Analyst
Joined Zapata in Fall 2013
Quickly became the company’s secret weapon with her extensive background in literature
Played a hand in orchestrating growth in multiple departments within the company
LaRissa Briggs
HR Specialist
Joined Zapata in early 2018
Brings with her years of experience in government HR
Active member of the National Society of Human Resources Management and local chapter
Randall Zapata
Bill Golden
Senior Recruiter
Joined Zapata in early 2020
Army Signal Corps and Military Intelligence (ASA/INSCOM) Veteran
Recruiting since 1997, considers himself a Genetic Genealogist
Brian Clark
Director of Business Development
Joined Zapata in Fall 2020
Army veteran with many years of dedicated support of the federal government
Driven to partner with other like-minded companies who share our same dedication to “Saving Lives”
Drew Scholefield
Principal Technology Strategist
Joined Zapata in Fall 2015
US Air Force veteran with more than 17 years supporting military and IC customers.
Supports various areas of the company to include IRaD and business development and serves as the company’s CISO.