Zapata Technology’s Culture

“Culture is highlighted and enforced. It means a lot to the Chief Visionary Officer that the company and Its employees embrace and foster a culture that excludes unnecessary stress and encourages personal and professional growth.” – Zapata employee 

Zapata Technology | Randall Zapata-Culture and why it is so important to Zapata Technology

Who we are:

  • We are a small company with outsized competency and capability.  
  • We are a team of talented and motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. 
  • We are the support to make sure our men and women in uniform have the most advanced technology and interoperability to support their missions. Wherever we’re needed around the world, we design and manage those critical systems and intelligence operations. 
  • We are America’s Tech Defenders.  

Our Ethics

Our word is our bond. When we commit to a mission, we deliver with unimpeachable ethics, unparalleled creativity, unyielding motivation, unbounded innovation, and unstoppable dedication.  

SOAR with our Code of Conduct and our four simple rules at Zapata Technology. This is how we achieve the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior while acting consistently within our company’s policies. 

  • Solve problems and continuously improve 
  • Operate with professionalism by doing right by our team and customers 
  • Accurately and promptly complete your timecards and track expenses 
  • Report violations and suspected violations of company policy and applicable laws 

What we believe 

  • What we do is challenging, and we do it better than anyone else.  
  • We believe in 1-on-1 coaching and learning because we care about the personal and professional growth of individual team members.  We avoid group learning because it is inefficient and assumes everyone is starting from the same place. 
  • We believe in supporting the growth of team members and in helping others even when it “isn’t our job.” 
  • We are not numbers; we are part of a team of people who care. 
  • We believe our work saves lives by providing the technology to help ensure our military never get into a fair fight. The work we do is just that important. 

How we succeed 

Zapata has succeeded because we are unwavering in our commitment to hire remarkable people, invest in their professional development, arm them with the tools and technologies to achieve missions, surround them with skilled support staff, and ensure they experience the difference they make every day. We know our people. We never forget that it is they who make us the respected organization that we are.

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