ZMonitor – Data Monitoring Tool

ZMonitor is a web-based, highly scalable and customizable tool designed to perform near real-time monitoring. ZMonitor performs health checks on the status of ingestion, replication, system resources/services, and visualization of progression.  It allows for multi-server remote monitoring.  

ZMonitor supports FeedPipes, JPipeline, data trends, export queues, directories and system resources/services. Support for system resources/services takes advantage of Linux/Windows shell commands and scripts to allow for robust custom monitoring. ZMonitor can monitor Apache Nifi, data trends, software services, file systems, system resources and services, database record counts and SSL keystores.       

ZMonitor’s various system functions, data, and resources are accounted for and organized as monitored items with their monitoring type. A monitored item is either a feed schema, an export queue, a directory, a trust certificate, or a software service. It is periodically checked against the expected conditions configured for its monitoring type and reported in either one of the four color-coded statuses: green (OK), yellow (Warning), red (Critical), and gray (Static/None). This color-coding allows the user to quickly respond to the data being monitored, thus minimizing potential issues.