CASCADE – AI/ML Framework

What if a tool could provide analytical resources equivalent to the entire IC, at your fingertips, anywhere in the world?

Welcome to CASCADE.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Operational-Support Platform
CASCADE is Zapata Technology’s proprietary operational-support engine and AI-powered process enhancement tool.

CASCADE seamlessly interacts with historical and live data to associate contextual and even subtle network connections from distributed sources to support critical command decisions by more efficiently digesting, correlating, and preparing relevant information for collectors and analysts, facilitating the human-machine interface.

Embedded in this stream of information are AI-enhanced recommendations that ensure decision makers have a complete, context-aware picture of the timeliest situational data, dramatically reducing the manning requirements on various personnel.

Major Challenges Solved
• Reduces the cognitive burden on Analysts and increases the cognitive dominance.
• Allocates scarce resources across the Cyber Domain more effectively.
• Automatically queues non-obvious connections in the network for human review.
• Enhances human capabilities by shifting tedious collection, analysis, and research tasks to an innovative AI & Machine Learning (ML) system.
• Provides Augmented Intelligence to ensure end user is part of the decision chain.
• Includes self-guided training, reducing the need for onsite support staff.

Demonstration and Partnership Request
Want to see how a machine and human can best work together?
Please contact Brian Clark at 442-300-4454 or