Brand Guidelines

We love our brand and care about how it is represented.

Below are some guidelines so you can best use the brand that we have created for you.

Meaning of our logo

  1. The “Z” has a lightning bolt going through it. The lightning bolt refers to the electronic warfare capabilities and the need for accurate and ready intelligence from all sources. 
  2. The “Z” has a hidden lucky 77.  Our founder, Randall Zapata, feels lucky in his life and with the company.
  3. “SAVING LIVES” is our mission to help keep our great country safe daily and prevent future wars and conflicts.
  4. The A’s in Zapata lack the crossbar and suggest arrows pointing upward.  They represent the company’s results- and achievement-focused momentum.

Important matters to keep in mind

  1. When making a reference to Zapata Technology, your reference must be truthful and not suggestive of anything other than the truth, and you cannot imply that you are affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by Zapata Technology. Thank you.
  2. “Zapata Technology” is our proper name when written in text and should be capitalized as such.
  3. “SAVING LIVES” must be written in all caps because that is our mission, and it must stand out.
  4. Please do not abbreviate our name to “ZTI” or “ZT.”
  5. When making a textual reference to Zapata Technology, please only link to
  6. Please write “Zapata Technology” in plain text rather than embedding the logo into text.

Our Approved Logo Image

Our Approved Colors

BLACK as the primary color.

GREEN in the logo is used for the logo separation line. Only this green can be used: HEX: #99FF33, CMYK: 40%, 0%, 80%, 0%, RGB: 153, 255, 51.


GREEN for accents is used outside the logo. This green that is used is: HEX: #99CC33, CMYK: 25%, 0%, 75%, 20%, RGB: 153, 204, 51.


WHITE may be used as an alternative color for dark backgrounds. The logo is not authorized to be in any other color than listed above.