ZIngest – Data Ingestion Tool

ZIngest is a highly customizable and scalable automated Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tool for data ingestion, mining and extraction. It provides better management, improved scalability, and reliability in relation to alternative tools such as FeedPipes and JPipeline. 

ZIngest greatly simplifies data ingestion and replication and considerably reduces the time required to configure, change and maintain data sources. This software is integratable with third-party software, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and big data technologies. ZIngest has a full GUI for building, managing, and monitoring data flow. 

ZIngest is bundled with a dozen data flow templates for ingestion, replication, and mitigation for the US Army’s DCGS-A program. ZIngest has several components for text extraction and CAPCO classification extraction from images and binary documents. ZIngest brings data engineers, intel analysts, mission managers together in obtaining, analyzing and disseminating intelligence.